Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our House: The Living Room, Drapes

All of the window treatments in our house on closing day promptly ended up in the dumpster that same weekend, including the blinds the previous owners had on the windows in the living room.

I knew that I wanted the drapes to run from over the upper windows all the way to the floor and given the cost of the custom drapes I was more than a little gun shy about making a commitment to a fabric.  I dragged my husband with me to look at fabric one day and he decided that THIS would be perfect for our living room drapes.

I was worried it would be too traditional, too champagne, too something.   But my husband liked it, it worked well in the room and at less than $10 a yard it seemed low risk so I went with it.  I feel the need to cave to my husband every so often since he typically just lets me do whatever I want with the house.

After a very miserable experience having them made and then 3 trips for installation they are FINALLY done and up.  First I hated how close to the window casing the rods were installed which left me with barely 6" of exposed window.  The tall super skinny window effect was not good.  Once I had the right poles the installer and I realized that the drapes varied in length from one side to the other between 1/4" and 1/2" per panel.  I got to spend a week fighting with the shop that I used to have them made as they kept insisting that they were all perfectly square.  Thankfully the workroom took them apart and re-hemmed them even though they insisted they couldn't find the issue either.  Whatever they did worked because they're perfect now.  So after one final issue with a finale not being threaded properly everything is as it should be.

Next up the chairs and ottoman need to make their way to the upholsterer!

Did I mention I need to get this room done before my in-laws come for Christmas? I'm starting to feel the pressure......