Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reader Project: Amazing Painted Wall

I am totally blown away by this project.  Not only for the amazing outcome but also the tenacity to undertake it in the first place (makes me feel like a schlep).

It was love at first sight for Alice with the Paeonia wallpaper in gold from Anthropologie.  

After doing the math on just what the paper itself would cost without factoring in hanging it she had a whopping cost of $500 for just one wall!

Alice decided this was something she could paint herself and the outcome is so amazing I can't stop looking at the pictures.

The before:

Alice started with a print out of the pattern and made her stencil from a combination of file folders and cereal boxes.  Use ergonomic scissors or an exacto knife so you don't kill your hand with all the detailed cutting!

Then the pattern was traced onto the wall using the 'stencil'.  Use a pen in the same color family as your paint color!  Then get to painting!

In progress:

And the amazing final product.  For a final cost of $28.18 and about two months of on and off time Alice gets to look at this everyday!

So incredibly gorgeous!

Alice was kind enough to share her template with us, if anyone attempts this please report back!