Friday, September 2, 2011

Before & After: $7.99 Goodwill Nightstands

Eventually I'll have a bunch of posts regarding a Client Project that I've been working on all summer but I couldn't wait to share this one.  The project is a 1 bedroom rental apartment that just didn't have a cohesive feel to it.  In addition to having some limitations because it's a rental (with mostly plaster walls and one concrete wall) our budget has been super super tight so I've had to be really creative with the purchases we've made.

Once we identified that items that could remain or be repurposed elsewhere in the apartment I added the items that we needed to purchase to my constant running list.

One of the main items we needed were nightstands with storage.  We didn't have a lot of space for them considering the client has a King size bed in what is a fairly small bedroom.

I almost bought a set like this at a flea market for $50, but the client didn't get back to me quickly enough (our agreement is no non-returnable purchases that I won't be willing to keep without her approval!):

I love this Art Deco style and I do think $50 for the pair was a decent enough deal.  Obviously the narrowness of the nightstands (with the storage) would have been great.  But they got away.....

I was a little worried about finding another pair (pairs of anything are like unicorns when it comes to used furniture) until I stumbled upon these at one of my local Goodwill's for $7.99 each:

Blah 80's oak.  I loved the detail on the front of the drawers, we were 99.9% sure that they would JUST fit in the space we had to work with it and the price was right on.

A couple of coats of Rustoleum's Night Tide (and one spray painting fiasco later) we have this:

Clearly a tight fit but will provide much needed storage space and (you'll see in later pictures) they somehow manage to make the room seem larger.  The super gloss dark teal color looks great against the new wall color and works well with the bedding.  We may decide to take some Rub 'N Buff to the original pulls but haven't decided yet.

Lots of stuff coming together now and I can't wait to post the other projects we've been working on!


  1. Definitely rub--n-buff is the best stuff EVER!

  2. Janell is always mentioning it and I'm dying to try it on something!