Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Fever

I'm not sure if it's the season, my in-laws impromptu visit next week or just having reached the point where I need my own house to feel more done while I continue working on other people's homes but I've been buried in various at-home projects for the last few weeks.  On top of my regular gig and client load.  I'm a tired girl at the moment but pleased with the progress for sure!  I'm "this close" to being done with 10 different projects so I have no final photos to share yet.

The hunt for a credenza to use as a media stand has been never ending.  Last month at a local consignment shop I found a faux bamboo bedroom set that had a long dresser similar to this one:

I felt moderately guilty showing it to my husband, I mean the guy actually wrote into our wedding vows that I couldn't put faux bamboo and lucite in every room of our house but after weeks of seeing nothing else I took him to see it Saturday afternoon.  I made a direct beeline for it when we got to the consignment shop and was so relieved it was still there I didn't even notice the SOLD sign that was silently mocking me.  I wanted to kick my husband for pointing out that it had sold the day after I'd planned to go back for it earlier in the week.

At our next stop we did finally mange to find and agree on a piece and our TV is currently sitting on all 81" of it's MCM glory.  I couldn't be more pleased with it.  It's exactly what I wanted originally and I'm loving the warmth that it brings to the room.  Photos to come.....

As soon as we got the credenza home I decided it was time to paint the coffee table base.  So this is currently in the garage with it's first coat of gold paint on it:

I love this table like none other, and did long before antlers were everywhere.  My husband thought he could not possibly hate it more, until I told him I was painting it gold.

I'm not loving the current gold spray paint I'm using so I may be running to the hardware store for a few others tomorrow.  Any suggestions?

If I could sort out a fabric color for the ottoman (I'm thinking coral, my husband readily agreed but pointed out it might be bit much with the gold table, uh huh) and what to do about end tables I could possibly almost start to feel like our living room was making real progress!

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