Monday, July 23, 2012

Delusions of DIY: Painted Doormat

I was inspired by this image on Pinterest:

I have a black door, I have almost the exact same lanterns in the same place, I tracked down the urns at the end of fall last year and this summer I did something I've never done before in my entire life.  Planted flowers.

My Salvia looks sickly all the time and I'm tempted (but too lazy) to just pull it out.

Then I decided a needed a door mat.  Let's ignore the fact that the only people to ever come to our front door are the UPS and USPS delivery people (I'm beginning to wonder if Piperlime and Nordstrom will cut me off for abusing the free returns). 

After seeing the many tutorials floating around on Pinterest (and because of all the Piperlime boxes) I decided to go the DIY route.

Last weekend I attempted a monogram with a border.  It didn't work out quite as I'd hoped.  I used the negative space from some random chipboard letters I had laying around and painfully cut out the letters from a sheet of "permanent" adhesive labels I had laying around.  Permanent my ass.  The painters tape held up well but as soon as I started spraying the small letters of the monogram went flying and I ended up with this:

It's fine but really wasn't doing anything for me, so it's at the back door and today I decided to try again. I bought another $7 coir mat from Home Depot and decided to go in a totally different direction.  Union Jack.

I taped out the pattern:

Decided which of the colors I had laying around to use:

Ended up with Rustoleum's Night Tide, and sprayed away:

I actually really like the end result of this one:

Except that it's too small, how did I not realize that before I did all this???  I haven't seen larger plan coir mats anywhere but I guess I'll keep looking or break down and buy a spendy one.

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