Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vintage Scores of the Week

I'm on the hunt for a pair of matching upholstered benches/stools/ottomans so I'm trying to get to all of my local thrift/consignment/antique stores as often as possible these days.  Still no luck on the benches but did pick up a few things I'm really excited about!  

I could not get this Pagoda mirror out of a local antique mall fast enough.  The owner of the booth had it marked "gothic" and $55, he happened to be there and I offered him $40 (knowing full well I was happy to pay the $55 for it) and took it home for $45.00.

Pagoda mirrors are high on my (mental) list (of almost impossible to find locally) obsessions.  I love the details on this one along both the top and the bottom.  Clearly it'll be getting a fresh paint and I have no idea where it'll end up but I'm smitten nonetheless!

A few days later I was running a few errands near my house and stopped in another antique mall and came across this little Moroccan style table (or at least I think it is!) for $50.00.  It was labeled as a "Victorian Carved Side Table" and referred to as a plant stand by the cashier.  Whatever.  I can't wait to put some wood filler on the top and get some paint on it (yes, gasp, the horror, I'm planning to paint it).  I think the detail on the sides will look amazing painted!

The ironic thing is that I typically really dislike the local 'antique' malls.  Too many knick-knacky items, too few furnishings and far too little turnover and little new stock.  There are a couple of local consignment shops that mark items down 15% every month they're in the shop and at 6 months it either has to be picked up or it gets donated (wish I knew to WHICH thrift store!) and I typically have much better luck at those places.   Don't get me started on the consignment shops where the prices never move and items sit for years.  Lesson learned after this week though, if I'm in the neighborhood and have the time, I'll walk through the antique malls just in case!

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