Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Success at Last!

I'm obsessed with the CraigsPro + app (though still annoyed that I didn't read all the details before buying the CraigsPro and then had to immediately buy the + version) and it's pretty much replaced sleep in my world since I can lay in bed and flip through it.

So in the middle of the night the other night I responded to a general "I've got a bunch of stuff, what are you looking for?" ad with a list of things I currently want.  A pair of upholstered stools was at the very top and I figured there was no way he'd have any of the items on my list much less the stools.

I was lucky enough to bring a pair of Parsons benches home for TEN dollars.  I'm dying over the price, I actually feel a little bad and like I should go back and give him more money for them.  Ebay and Etsy pricing is definitely inflated but I'm sure he could have gotten more for them.

They aren't x benches but they are the 2nd best thing in my world, and the price literally could not be beat (so glad I didn't settle for the $25 metal stools a few weeks ago).

I bought a few other things from him as well but these were definitely the highlight of the day (or month??).    Finding them was hard but making a decision on fabric may be harder!

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