Friday, March 2, 2012

Impulse Shopping: TJ Maxx

I ran into TJ Maxx earlier this week looking for a (non-hideous) machine washable kitchen rug and left with a bag of weird random stuff.  I did find a rug that is actually cute enough that at $8 if they'd had more then just one in the size I needed, I'd have bought several.

I had to see what was in the Riedel box in the clearance aisle and was slightly mystified by the contents.  Bottle coasters.  Either I don't have enough friends that entertain or I've been living under a rock because I'd never seen one before. A quick google search later confirmed they were coming home with me.

The basketweave pattern called Bosa Nova is my favorite of the six:

I assume they're predominately for red wine (which I can't drink) to keep it from dripping onto the table/tablecloth, but I'll probably end up using them bottles of white wine that that won't last long enough to bother with a chiller.  Further proof that I'm a sucker for anything sparkly and pretty!

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