Monday, July 18, 2011

The Bungalow: Living, Dining & First Floor Bedrooms

The two bedrooms on the First Floor were pretty basic for the age of home.  Small rooms with small closets by current standards, but cute!

Ignore the people in the photo, this was the only before picture I could find for the living room.  I loved the coved ceiling and stained glass windows.

The majority of the original items in the house that remained were in pretty decent shape overall.

There wasn't much to be done with these rooms, fresh paint, new lighting and having the floors refinished.  I tried to choose budget friendly lighting that worked with the period of the house and was pretty happy  with them overall (again not what I'd have chosen if I was staying there though).  Had I been planning to live there I don't know if I could have refrained from painting all of that wood white but it's considered an offense of epic proportions in that neighborhood.

Would you have painted the woodwork white or left it?  That built in probably would have been my only hesitation, it kills me what those things go for at my favorite architectural salvage shops.

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  1. i would've left it...and then after about 6 months of sleepless nights obsessing about it, i would've gotten up at 3am to paint it white.