Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What was Kohler thinking?

I've been a long time Kohler fan for a variety of reasons.  I love the classic designs, it's a company local to this area, and it has good brand recognition.  I'm also lucky enough to get all of my plumbing fixtures at cost which is a huge savings.

I recently had the Devonshire toilet installed in a bathroom remodel I'm wrapping up (more on that to come) and I'm less than impressed with the recent changes Kohler has made to their designs.

Nothing that you notice just looking at the fixtures, they look exactly the same.  Apparently that in conjunction with going with smaller water tanks they have also gone from a 3 bolt attachment to a 2 bolt attachment between the toilet base and tank. (Because I'm just not willing to spring for 1 piece fixtures).  I cannot believe how much the full water tank wobbles back and forth.  I compared it to the other 2 toilets in the house that have the other 3 bolt attachment layout and it's a world of difference.  I think I'd be nervous if this was going to be a high volume use bathroom or a kids bathroom.  (And yes, I'm sure it's installed correctly, that was the first phone call I made.)

Just something to keep in mind when it comes time to replace a toilet!

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  1. Making corner tubs as well as other kinds of bathroom fixtures is certainly what Kohler is known for.