Monday, July 11, 2011

The Bungalow

A few years ago I bought what was pretty much my dream house at the time.  A cute little 1920's bungalow that needed a complete renovation, good mechanicals but the already outdated interior took a beating during the course of foreclosure.

Due to some life changing events at the time I never even ended up spending a night in the house, instead it became a race to get it renovated and sold.

Here are a few highlights of what it looked like when I closed on the house.....

Oddly enough, this bathroom was a HUGE selling point for me with this house.  It was on the 2nd floor which was mainly attic space at the time.

The lovely kitchen

Main bathroom

And a shot of that unfinished attic space

The living & dining rooms

I had pretty grand plans considering the limited amount of cash I had on hand following my divorce.  Updating the kitchen and bathrooms, refinish the main level hardwood, paint the wood floor in what would be the 2nd floor master suite (complete with a dream closet including washer and dryer).

The dumpster was delivered on the day of the close and the demo took off pretty quickly.  So quickly that when my company laid me off a few weeks later the house couldn't be lived in, rented out, or sold in it's current condition.

To give you the short version:
I let the house sit for a few months while I tried find a job before my savings ran out (because unemployment that was 25% of my take home pay was not going to pay the bills).  I eventually decided to take a personal loan from a friend, finish the work, and get the house sold.  Oh, and do this before winter set in so I wasn't stuck making the payments all the way through the winter.

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