Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Boredom and a Paint Review

It was 95 degrees here on Sunday and I pretty much had no desire to leave the house and needed something to keep me occupied all day.  Sunday was the last day of the Sherwin Williams paint sale and I'd been itching to paint the inside of our front entrance closet for a couple of weeks.  I hated seeing the blah beige color on the walls every time I opened the closet door (the same color that the entire house was drenched in when we bought it).

So one gallon of Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 (my long time go-to paint) color matched to Benjamin Moore's Bermuda Turquoise #728 and a couple of hours later we went from this:

To this:

I LOOOOOOOOVE this color. Oddly enough I realized last night as I was scrubbing the paint off my feet that the paint color is actually pretty close to the color I have on my toes at the moment.

For the record, love it on my walls, not so much on my toes.  Counting down the days until my next pedicure.

I want to leave the door open so I can see it all the time.  Two coats and some touch up and I'm happy with the true even color with no streaks.  I had a new shelf cut at Home Depot because I was too lazy to paint the old particle board one white, I also bought a new white metal bar but after two different trips to Home Depot to attempt to get it cut to the right size I gave up for the time being.

On to the paint itself.

I knew some of the prices at SW had gone up recently but I didn't realize they were reformulating their paints and going to the Zero VOC until I bought this gallon.  There was no odor which was great since I was on a step stool in a fairly small coat closet.  I didn't notice any difference in coverage.

I was turned on to the ProMar 200 by professional painters I've worked with previously.  They swore by it for its even coverage, often being able to use one coat of paint, and low price.  I almost fell over when I paid   for this gallon, $6 more than the last gallon I bought just a few months ago and that was during the sale. So my cost will be about $9.00 more a gallon now. That's going to add up really quickly and suddenly it's not such a deal anymore so maybe it's time to start trying new products?

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