Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Creative Mountings for a Flat Screen TV

I was at a friend's house recently and noticed this (really wish I'd taken the time to take a proper photo of it)

He bought the easel at a local antique mall and mounted the TV and sound bar to it, hiding all the cords down the back leg of the easel.  (He's looking for a complimentary item for the components now.) It's super tall and really impressive in real life.  It got me thinking about other unconventional ways to mount your TV.

I realize that most interior designers would prefer to not see a TV but that's just not convenient for the way the majority of families live.  We have more TV's than people in our house.

This isn't a mounting exactly but I do love the frame around the TV in the Brooklyn Limestone master bedroom.

Incorporating the TV into a wall of built-ins is genius if you can do it (in my opinion anyway).  I wish I had this option in my living room.

As it is, I think that with the shape of my living room this would be about my best option.

Bottom two images via: DecorPad

Anyone come across any new ideas for TV mounting that they've loved lately?

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